Simple Halloween decorations that you can make yourself

Simple Halloween decorations that you can make yourself

Making Halloween decorations is a great idea for the whole family to participate in creating the perfect setting and atmosphere for the scariest night of the year. It also represents an opportunity to stimulate the development of the child's skill and creativity, venturing into creating the simplest, but also effective decorations for the home.

Coronita for the door

Make a well-planned plan and set out all the decorations you want to make for Halloween this year, but also the main places where you will place them or hang them. Start with the door of the house, which cannot remain undisturbed by such a great holiday. Create a wreath, either from dried leaves and branched from the tree, or from canvas or black felt (to create a darker and mysterious effect). Cut the letters of the "BOO" interception from colored or simple cardboard and hang them on the crown, then hang it above the viewfinder.


If you stay at home and have a garden with shrubs or small lanterns, turn them into the most frightening Halloween ghosts. Use sheets or pieces of white soda to "dress" them and draw with their eyes marker and mouth.

Ghosts from drums

Empty water or milk cans can be transformed into the nicest Halloween decorations for the home. It represents decorations for the creation that will not need more than a few minutes available and a black marker. The more cans you have, the more you can create lots of cute ghost faces, which you arrange, in turn, near a wall and light them up with a small flashlight inside.

Pumpkin sic

If you have already carved pumpkins for Halloween and placed them in strategic places in the house, but there are a few leftovers, you can try to turn them into elegant and elegant decorations for the house, dressing them in lace. It's the simplest and most ingenious way to decorate pumpkins for Halloween night!

Ghosts at the window

It also helps the windows "penetrate" in the spirit of Halloween, decorating them with made ghosts, glued directly to the window. Make sure that the way you glue them to the window always sends a message: it seems that I ask for help and that you pray to leave them inside, that they have seized your window or that they have the eye. I can create these "impressions" both from the way you shape their face, and from the positions in which you "mount" their hands and head.

"Collar" for chairs

Regardless of how many garlands, ghosts or pumpkins you decorate the house, there is always room for more decorations. This time, the back chairs in the house deserve to be "dressed" in the clothes of this holiday. Put them a simple collar, made of white, lace textile, two black bows and hang on the white material a toy spider from your child's toy collection.

Use Frankenstein

If this year you want to give up the wreath hanging on the entrance door, we offer another suggestion to decorate it, much simpler and faster. Turn the door into a friendly Frankenstein, who will make the rage among the children. Cut out all the elements of the character of the cardboard paper, then place them in the proper order and glue them on the front door. Make sure that all the elements are large enough so that the character stands out and his face almost completely covers the door surface.

"Bradut" adorned

Who says that the ornate tree is specific only to Christmas? Turn a shrub from the yard or a leafy flower from across the house into a Halloween tree. Make with your child various small cardboard decorations or various textile materials - spiders, bats, mini-phantoms, mini-pumpkins, etc. - and hang them together in the respective plant, thus creating your own "fir tree" for Halloween.


Encourage your child to make all kinds of drawings with Halloween-specific characters or symbols - skeletons, witches, black cats, bats, spiders, pumpkins, etc. Gather them together and cut them together, then hang them on a black rope, which you hang on one of the walls of the house.

Artificial terrarium

"Sacrifice" a kitchen jar with a lid to turn it into a Halloween terrarium. Prepare the base of the terrarium from stones and dried leaves or plants randomly placed in the jar, then strategically place, from place to place, spiders or toy bats. The terrarium is usually made with live exotic insects and animals, but if you have small children around, it is safer to create an artificial one.

Mummies in jars

If the ghosts have been placed in strategic rooms of the house, and the pumpkins have quickly found their place in the decor of the house, it is time to move on to making nice mummies with your child. Remove a few jars (larger and with a wider neck) from the room, dress them in the bandage or bandage, stick two eyes and place a candle or lantern inside them, to highlight the cute faces of the mummies.

Candy bar

Sweets are snacks that are not missing from any Halloween house. Give up the candy basket from which you serve carolers on the scariest night of the year. Arrange candies, candies and gums strategically in a friendly candy bar, improvised from a few jars or chocolates, turned into Frankenstein, ghosts or pumpkins, using the marker or pieces of paper. Then invite the children to use the "frightening" containers with sweets.

Flying pounds

Make with your child several batons made of black cardboard paper, of different sizes, catch the firecracker a piece of longer gout (tranparent), then hang them with chandeliers or flower branches in the pots, to create the impression of flying through House.

What other simple, fast and without too much material Halloween decorations have you ever done with your kids? Give us your suggestions and tell us your favorites in the comments section below!

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