How to earn an hour just for yourself every day

How to earn an hour just for yourself every day

Women devote too much of their personal time to the noble purpose of caring for others. The short hours of each day are accidentally leaking, trying to thank your boss, colleagues, husband, children, friends and parents. For your physical and emotional health, learn how to earn an hour just for yourself daily.
Proper management of tasks and organizational spirit are your reliable allies in the battle with the constant crisis of time, which often kidnaps your precious hour clock, reading your favorite magazine in the armchair.

Daily program


The chaos in life is the main reason why you never manage to set aside more time for your needs. Follow a fixed daily schedule that allows you at least 60 minutes of relaxation each evening.

Prior organization

Regardless of the accumulation of tasks that you normally have, you can make the time spent by solving them by organizing in advance.

  • make weekly menus: think about the dishes you will prepare each day of the week and buy all the necessary food with just a visit to the supermarket, every 7 days;
  • choose the outfits the next day the night before: prepare the clothes of the child, your husband and yours to the smallest detail;
  • put your children to bed at the same time every night (maximum 22 hours) and do not accept compromises;
  • make lists of tasks to perform: you manage your memory and you feel motivated to complete them in a timely manner;
  • cook twice a week, enough to secure the menu for 3 days;

Learn to refuse

Did you spend tens of minutes talking on the phone with an acquaintance with her existential dramas, because you felt embarrassed to end the discussion earlier? The 50 minutes (minimum) you wasted, along with a lot of patience and energy, could have been invested in a well-deserved break, just for you.

Combine tasks

Always think about how you can solve 2 tasks at the same time: as the little one is emptying into the tub, you can clean the bathroom. During the lunch break, on the way to the bank, you can take your clothes to the laundry. Everything will materialize in more free time for you.

Turn your back on professionalism

People who want everything around them to be impeccable (including the corner of the bed on the left of the bed) tend to waste a lot of time wandering through the details. Ignore the less important things and don't forget to put yourself first and foremost.

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