Prizes of the contest The most beautiful books in Romania

Prizes of the contest The most beautiful books in Romania

Prizes of the competition The most beautiful books in Romania awarded

during the opening of the book design exhibition

Announcement of prizes: Monday, October 6, 7 pm, at UNAgaleria, Bucharest

- 9 prizes for book design and a mention of the jury

The exhibition "The most beautiful books": open to the public from 6 to 16 October 2014, UNAgaleria, Bucharest

- 39 finalist titles selected for the exhibition and a selection of beautiful books from France

Monday, October 6, starting at 7 pm, at the UNAgaleria in Bucharest (10 General Budisteanu Street), takes place the awards gala of the winners of the National Book Design Contest, the third edition. The nine prizes awarded by the jury are: Prize I, Prize II, Prize III and six special prizes: Prize for illustration, Prize for children's books, Prize for album, Prize for a young designer, Prize for artist's book (special category with separate juried works), to which is added a prize offered for an experimentalist author: The prize for typographic experiment.

More than that, o Mention of the jury shows the appreciation of its members for the consistent approach of an publishing house, regarded as a benchmark of good practice in the production of books in Romania. The prize fund is 5,000 lei. The prize for a young designer, offered with the support of the Romanian Cultural Institute, is to support a trip to the International Book Fair Salon du Livre, Paris 2015.

The exhibition is open to the public between October 6-16, 2014 at UNAgaleria, Bucharest. This year's exhibition contains examples of good practice in printing, binding, design and layout, but especially some examples of unitary and coherent books, which gather under the same covers ideas, production and talent, emblematic books for the extraordinary possibilities of the Romanian publishing market and which can remain reference points in Romanian book design. With the support of the French Institute in Bucharest, a representative selection of beautiful books from France is presented, which gives us the opportunity to place the book production in Romania in a wider context.

From children's books to art books, Flammarion Publishing books cover different areas and were carefully chosen to give us examples of outstanding production and balanced design. The Flammarion Publishing Collection also includes two books awarded in France at the contest "La Nuit du livre", respectively the album "Chefs d'oeuvre du Musée d'Orsay" and the book item "Paris Haute Couture".

In 2014, 196 titles were entered in the contest "The most beautiful books", of which the jury selected 39 books / series, which will be exhibited simultaneously in October in Bucharest and Frankfurt.

The jury members were: Corinne Trovarelli (president), Arina Stoenescu, Timotei Nadasan, Daniela Chiorean, Alexe Popescu, Anca Mihulet and Mihaela Paraschivu.

The deliberation of the round for "The most beautiful books" made in the last year in Romania followed some basic principles regarding the quality of a publication: originality, coherence of printing, typographic excellence, the ability to communicate high ideas, the balance between writing and image, but also the final message that any book should address to its readers. (Anca Mihulet).

Images from the jury and the complete list of books that will be presented in the exhibition can be consulted on These include books by prestigious publishers, as well as titles published by small publishers or even by authors. The cultural project The most beautiful books 2014 is organized by the Association for Performance and Culture and is funded by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund.