Corns with walnut and jam

Corns with walnut and jam


For the dough

1 packet of margarine Unirea

1 teaspoon of ammonia

1 cup lard

a little yeast


150 g old

500 ml milk




For the filling

1 plate of crushed walnut kernel, mixed with plum jam

Method of preparation

From the above ingredients make a bread dough, which is left 30 minutes. the dospit.

Then spread a sheet and cut the strips and then triangles with roulette.

Put on each triangle (base) a little jam and run, resulting in some horns.

It sits on a large tray greased with margarine. They are baked in the appropriate fire and I'm ready when the Romanian is easy.

Remove from the pan and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Recipe recommended and cooked by getuta.

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