Aleth Naquet in Romania: Why should I just give up?

Aleth Naquet in Romania: Why should I just give up?

Aleth Naquet is the ESPERE® Method trainer, created by Jacques Salomé

We look forward to meeting you Aleth Naquet, who is coming this year to Romania to support the Workshop "Why do I just have to give up?" and learn how you can have livelier and more beautiful relationships, to increase your self-esteem and to be able to express yourself freely, freeing yourself of any feelings of frustration or anger.

"Why should I just give up?" - Do you ask yourself this question? Do you feel unheard of by those around you? Do you have the feeling that you have to give up your opinions all the time in front of the "strongest"? Each of us goes through less pleasant experiences, in which our values ​​seem to be insignificant to those to whom we share our experiences, in which we do not feel at all listened to or important, and our self-esteem decreases considerably.

The ESPERE® method was born as a natural solution for all these experiences felt by each of us when our needs are not fulfilled. In order to have happy relationships it is essential to learn to communicate, to have the courage to express what we feel and, very important, to respect and accept the opinions of those around us without being upset or frustrated, understanding that they may be different of ours, precisely because each of us is unique.

What can you find out during the two days?

  • What does relational communication mean
  • What prevents us from communicating with ourselves and those around us?
  • How can we cultivate living relationships in our lives?

Who is it for and how will it work in practice using the method?

This workshop is aimed at all people who want to improve their lives and interpersonal relationships.

In a dynamic and lively way, the workshop allows those who do not know the ESPERE® Method to discover it in a short time, either explicitly working on a situation of their own, or through the resonances that appear by observing those who work.

If you want a better depth of the ESPERE® Method, in order to be able to use it for personal and professional development, you can sign up for the Training Program for Trainers and Practitioners in the ESPERE® Communication Method.


ADRES Center (France), AMANESER Personal Development Center (Romania), with the special support of Jacques Salomé, creator of the ESPERE® method.

With whom?

Aleth NAQUET is a specialist and trainer in Relational Communication through the ESPERE® Method. Over 17 years he has formed and initiated several groups of specialists and has held numerous conferences and workshops on topics of relational communication.

It was formed in the ESPERE® Method by Jacques Salomé, the author of the method. Aleth Naquet is a founding member of the ESPERE International Institute, whose chair was until 2009. Since 2009 he is the chair of the Institute's Supervisory Board, the guarantor of the method.

How much does it cost? How is the payment made? What's included?

190 euros paid in lei at the BNR exchange rate on the day of payment

The payment can be made either cash at our headquarters, or by bank transfer to the account RO94BACX 0000 0006 0560 6000, opened at Unicredit Tiriac Bank, for SC Amaneser Training SRL.

The workshop fee includes:

• participation in the program;

• course support;

• Internationally recognized participation certificate

• translation (Romanian - French, French - Romanian) during the whole program;

• 2 coffee breaks

What certification will you receive?

By participating in the workshop you will receive an international certification issued by the ADRES Center - the institution in France authorized by the ESPERE Institute to carry out in Romania the training programs for Trainers and Consultants in the ESPERE® Method in collaboration with the AMANESER Center - the organizer in Romania.

Where are the registrations?

AmaneSer Personal Development Center

e-mail: [email protected]

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Tel: 021 / 327.54.45 / 0723.396.368