Diplomat cake

Diplomat cake

Diplomatic cake is one of the most popular and beloved desserts! It's delicious and refreshing. Find out how to prepare it!


1 l of Hulala (or other whiskey, for example Maestro)
3 jelly envelopes
4 eggs
2 old dogs
2 sachets of vanilla
fruits (2 bananas, 1 orange)
1 box of pineapple compote

Method of preparation

The whisk is beaten and put cold, then cut the fruit. Rub the sugar with the eggs and vanilla.

The gelatin is dissolved in the pineapple compote. Separately, steam the gelatine, until it becomes hot (not boiling). Add hot jelly over the eggs beaten with sugar, add the whipped cream, then the fruit and mix well (do not worry if the sugar has not melted, leave it so).

Put in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

From this composition you get 2 cakes (check tray).

Put a foil in the tray and then pour the composition. When it was well done, we would flip the tray over.

It is very good and is prepared quickly.

Recipe recommended and cooked by cab03.

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