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Convince your partner to help you more at home

Convince your partner to help you more at home

When the responsibilities of the house, child care and service tasks overwhelm you, you feel the most urgent need for your partner to offer you a helping hand within the home. Often, the lack of involvement of the "head of the family" does not come out of necessity, but rather because of a wrong attitude that you unconsciously display. Convince your partner to help you more at home by appealing to the following effective strategies.
Encouraging positive behaviors is the only way for a man to assume certain key roles in the marriage on his own initiative. Next time he offers to take care of your little one's dinner or bath, thank him and praise him.

The difference between "help" and "task sharing"


If you assigned to your partner the simple role of "help" in the kitchen or the raising of the child, do not expect him to share the tasks with you, as if you were two project colleagues with precise attributions.
He will always wait for dispositions, because you have always assumed the status of the one who makes the decisions and the one who solves everything as in the book. Recover the lost time and officially make room for the "ship's carma" in the house.

Communicating wishes without restraint

As you openly discuss how you make each contribution in the marriage, do not censor your dissatisfaction. Express them in a friendly way so you don't blame their shoulders.
Tell him what you would like to change, where it would be appropriate for him to intervene and point out the reasons for his non-involvement, without reproach. Rather, it reminds you of the aspects that you neglected (for example, you blasted it near the oven because it did not rot the pie properly and criticized how it changes the baby).

Appreciation of his initiatives

As you prepare for her a special recipe for endless praise, your partner will be happy to perform certain tasks if you appreciate his effort.

Team work

Instead of assuming the fantasy role of "supermom", consider team work. Enjoy the time spent together even when there are things to do at home, learn together how to collaborate effectively and try to combine the useful with the pleasant.
In time, your marriage will work excellently with the help of these healthy habits, in which communication and mutual appreciation solve the conflict itself.